Edmonton Int'l Raceway (EIR) has Security Staff in place to monitor the safety of event attendees. Security is responsible for doing bag checks and random pat downs at the entry gates. They monitor both prohibited and restricted items and actions, oversee the alcohol license requirements and make the Raceway a safe place to come an enjoy an event.

Security Staff are identified by yellow safety jackets and name badges. 


The following items are prohibited at EIR:
- Weapons of any kind
- We do not allow outside Alcoholic beverages or outside food (exceptions may be made for medical reasons) please email Loretta at for prior written approval
- Cans, containers with a capacity of more than 1 Litre
- Drugs/Narcotics
- Umbrellas larger than 16" or with a point
- Illegal substances
- Explosure fireworks, incendiary devices, smoke bombs, aerosal cans, paints, flammable liquids
- Pets (Service Animals are permitted with proper and approved Government certification)
- Air horns, megaphones
- Peanuts or Sunflower Seeds
- Coolers
- Bags that are not clear plastic and are larger than 12" X 12" X 6" - if you do bring in a bag that is not clear, please expect that we will inspect the contents
- Pipes, rods, dowels or hockey sticks

- Signs on poles or sticks or constructed of wood or metal material
- Any other items deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate

All prohibited items must be surrended prior to entry into the Raceway. Persons possessing any of these items may be denied entry or may be subject to removal. Persons denied entry or removed for any violation of Raceway rules will not be issued a refund. Due to these safety procedures, we strongly recommend early arrival to the Raceway for an event. 


- Containers or thermoses with a capacity of 1-Litre or less - may be inspected for contents
- Cigarettes/E-Cigarettes - Smoking in designated areas only
- Small umbrellas - less that 16"
- Strollers & Walkers


All guests who appear under the age of 25 will be required to show valid government issued ID to purchase alcohol. Guests serving alcohol to minors will be subject to arrest. Alcohol may not be brought into the Raceway. Guests attempting to bring alcohol into the Raceway will be denied entry or removed. Any guest that is denied entry or removed for any violation of Raceway rules will not be issued a refund.

An alcohol policy is in effect to assist with responsible consumption. Individuals who appear to be intoxicated will be removed from the premises in a taxi or with a sober family member or friend. Drunk and disorderly behaviour may result in arrest and prosecution. Members of EIR staff and the Wetaskiwin RCMP are available to assist at all times and the public is asked to report and unacceptable behaviour. 

If  a guest has become separated from his or her party, individuals looking for the lost guest should go directly to the Front Gate Information Booth, located on the North  side of the Raceway.

If you find a lost person or lose a person, feel free to ask any EIR Staff member for assitance or proceed to the Front Gate Information Booth.

All lost and found items will be taken to the Front Gate Information Booth. If you find you have lost something, you can call Loretta (Track Promoter) at 780-497-8262 and she will do her best to try to locate your lost item if it has been lost at the Raceway. 



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