Why did we name our Raceway Edmonton Int'l Raceway?
Edmonton Int'l Raceway (EIR) in Wetaskiwin was originally named Sunset Speedway. When we sanctioned the Track in 2005 with NASCAR, it was important to connect the track to a major Canadian city as we serve this entire region as the only NASCAR Sanctioned Track and EIR is the only Regional Nascar Track in this area. For example, Phoenix International Raceway is not located in Phoenix however it serves that area and named as such. Over the years, Edmonton Int'l Raceway has rebranded to EIR in Wetaskiwin. 

Where & How can I Purchase Tickets for a Race Event?
We encourage you to purchase your race event tickets online at www.edmontonraceway.com. However you can also purchase tickets at the Front Gate (Walk Up). EIR accepts Credit Cards (Visa, MC, AMEX), E-Transfer, Online Payments. For the NASCAR CANADA NAPA 300 it is recommended that you purchase your tickets prior as this event can sell out. 

Will Online Tickets be mailed to me?
With EIR's new ticket system, you will receive an email with your ticket and a Code that we will scan at the Front Gate. You can either print this ticket with the QR Code off or show us on your phone at the Front Gate. Here is the link to purchase tickets BUY TICKETS

Distribution of Tickets on Raceway Property
We do not allow the distribution of tickets on Raceway Property either selling or giving away. It is strictly prohibited. 

Is there Reserved Seating?
On regular race event nights, all seating is General Admission Seating. However for the NASCAR CANADA NAPA 300, we will have Reserved Seating (top 5 rows of the Main Grandstands) and (top 5 rows of the Turn 4 Grandstands). All other seating is General Admission. 
EIR has 3 sets of Grandstands. The main grandstands are situated along the Front Straight of the Raceway. These stands are the original stands and are made of wood. If you wish you can bring a blanket or pillow to sit on for comfort, you can also bring in smaller bleacher type seats to sit on. EIR's new grandstands are located along Turn 4 of the Raceway. The steps on these grandstands are easy to access and there are railings leading up the steps. These stands are made of aluminum and it recommended to bring a blanket or pillow to sit on. 

How do I get involved in Racing?
There are many fairly inexpensive ways to get involved with stock car racing. Our NASCAR Pure Stock Class & the Bucks Auto 200 Lap Enduro Events are designed specifically to make it easy for anyone to go racing. The NASCAR Pure Stocks are a simple 4 Cylinder, Front Wheel Drive, automatic transmission car that takes very little time to build and you can go racing. The Bucks Enduro is a 6 Cylinder Car and once you bulid that you can race our two Enduro Events (200 Laps) for $5000 to win! Contact Loretta at speedway@syban.net for rules or if you have any other questions regarding building a car.

If you would like to check out the Raceway and spend some time in the Pits to see what a Race Night looks like from the Pits, simply reach out to Loretta and I will connect you with a Team that you can spend the race evening with.

We have lots of Volunteer positions available at EIR, from Security, Safety Crew, Ticket Taker and more. We always welcome and sincerely appreciate all Volunteers. Some have been with us for over 30 years. EIR is a great place to spend your Saturday Nights!

If I come to watch a race night event, what would be the schedule of racing for the night?
We always have a Day Race Schedule posted online and that is typically ready by the Thursday before the Saturday Race Event. The Racer's gate opens at about 1 pm. They will spend the afternoon setting up their pit stalls and tuning & doing "Hot Laps" or practicing during the afternoon. At 4 PM, the Spectator Gates open and you can come in, pick your seat, have dinner and visit with your friends until racing starts at 6 PM. We always start with the National Anthem then our cars are ready to race! We typically have about 4 different race classes per night, each would do 2 sets of about 10-15 lap heat races followed by Intermission and then each class will race about a 30-40 lap feature race. We try to finish our race night at about 9 or 9:30 pm.

Currently EIR has Port A Potties for washrooms. These are cleaned and sanitized before every race event and sanitized throughout the race night. EIR has portable handwash stations for handwashing and hand sanitizer is available throughout the faclity for your use.

EIR has great accessibility including parking close to the entrance, concrete pathways to the accessible washroom and ramps for accessible seating. Please feel free to email Loretta at speedway@syban.net or call my cell phone at 780-497-8262 should you need additional assistance while at the Raceway, we will do our very best to assist you.

Food & Liquor
At EIR we do not allow outside food or liquor. We have a full service concession and a snack "shack" for popcorn, chocolate bars, chips & beverages. If you have special dietary needs, please contact us to arrange to bring those in for yourself. EIR is licensed for alcohol beverages.

50/50 Draws
EIR invites Not for Profit Groups to host their 50/50 fundraising at EIR. Contact Loretta for more information.The 50/50’s at EIR are hosted by different Clubs. Each Club will determine their specific rules with respect to the 50/50 draws. Typically, if the 50/50 number is not claimed, a specific amount of time is given and then the Club will draw another number.

During regular events EIR parking is free. For the NASCAR CANADA NAPA 300 Event - (July 27, 2024) parking is $20 however there is also a free shuttle from the Wetaskiwin Rodeo Grounds (7 kms East of the Raceway). 

EIR also has an overflow parking area across the road from the Raceway. This will be opened when the main lot is full. There will be signs directing you to park in the overflow parking if the main parking lot is full.

What if we are unsure of the weather on a race night?
Many times it might be raining in Edmonton however the weather is perfect in Wetaskiwin. At EIR we try our best to keep the race event moving along. If it rains a bit in the afternoon and because the track is asphalt, we are able to dry the track and continue racing. It is always best to check our website, Facebook and Twitter for updates. Check out our Rain Out Policy on EIR's Ticket Purchase Page of this website.

We don't allow pets into the Raceway on Race Nights. It is loud, busy and just not a good place for pets to be. However you can bring your dog on a leash when you are watching a NASCAR Stock Car Test Drive Experience. Please be sure to clean up after your pet!

EIR recognizes the importance of Service Animals in assisting guests with visual and other impairments. These animals are weclomed throughout the property but must remained leashed and harnessed at all times. 

We do not have enough space at EIR to allow overnight camping. We encourage you to camp at the new Westview RV Campground in Wetaskiwin - right across the highway from the Reynolds Alberta Museum. Their website is www.westviewrvpark.com and let them know you heard about them from us! 

EIR's hotel partner is the Royal Hotel Edmonton Airport Inn in Nisku. You can book directly from this link Royal Hotel EIR Room Booking.

What to Wear
We are an outdoor facility and knowing Alberta's weather, it can change very quickly. If you want to bring a blanket or a pillow to sit on, that's a good idea. Come prepared!

What is exciting about Short Track Racing?
Some people might think that a ¼ mile oval is too short to race on, short answer, it isn’t! EIR is an excellent track for Racers to gain exceptional racing experience. EIR is a “Racers’” track, you don’t have to have an expensive, high-end race motor to compete, EIR racers use their skill to win races on this track. In February 2022 NASCAR built a ¼ mile paved oval for the NASCAR Cup Series Racers to compete in the Busch Lite Class at the Los Angeles Coliseum, some thought there wouldn’t be enough room for passing, not so, there was lots of passing. At EIR Racers can race 3 wide and at times you will get 4 wide on our ¼ mile oval, the most exciting stock car racing around!

How Do You Determine the Position for Line Ups?
At EIR our Track Officials determine line ups in different ways for each class. The NASCAR Thunder Cars & Pure Stock & Future Stock Line Ups are based on the Racer’s points that have been accumulated throughout the race season (the higher your points, the further back you start in the line-up). Other indicators include if you did not compete in the race the weekend before, you start at the back and if you did not partake in practice that day, you start at the back. For the NASCAR Super Stocks, the Line Up is determined by Time Trials with fastest time starting at the front, however the other indicators of not partaking in practice or racing the weekend before, would put you at the back of the line-up. The IMCA Modifieds line up is determined by time trials.

Are There any Risks with Racing? Is it Safe?
Stock Car Racing can be a dangerous sport however many safety precautions are taken to ensure our racers are as safe as they can be. Racers wear fireproof race suits, helmets, gloves and their cars are fitted with safety racing harnesses, window nets and other accessories to ensure they are the safest they can be.

Is the Racing Loud? Should one wear Ear Plugs?
At EIR we are very careful about noise. We insist our Racers outfit their cars with high-end mufflers to keep the noise level down. There are some classes that are louder than others, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, Hit to Pass & Drifting and it is suggested that Fans wear ear protection when these classes of cars are racing at EIR.

Is there an ATM on Site at EIR?
We do not have an ATM on site. However, we do have debit machines available and we take all major credit cards & cash. Cash advances are available at 5%.

What do I do when I arrive at the Track?
For regular Saturday Night Race Events the Spectator Gates Open at 4 PM and Racing begins at 6 PM. All seating is General Admission for Regular Race Nights, you simply find a spot you like!

Are Spectators Allowed in the Pits?
Due to Insurance & liability reasons, we cannot allow Fans into the Pit area during the races unless you purchase a Pit Pass and sign a waiver. You can purchase a VIP Ticket on regular race nights which includes a Tour of the Pits with our Announcers prior to the race event that evening. During Covid we did not allow Fans into the Pits after the races, however if the race night is not too late, we now allow Fans into the Pits following the races. We also have many events where the Racers will stage their cars on the Front Straight before the Race and Fans are welcome to come down before racing begins (typically 4:45 - 5:45 pm).

Is there Souvenirs or Raceway Merchandise available to buy at the track?
The Wetaskiwin Stock Car Club does have a Merchandise Trailer for Souvenirs. It is open from 4 pm to 8:30 pm on race nights. It is located to the right of the grandstands when you enter through the Front Gate.

Smoking is NOT allowed in any of the Grandstands.There is a Designated Smoking Area on the East Side of the fenced in compound. If unsure, please ask one of our EIR Staff.

Who has recorded the fastest time on EIR's Paved Oval?
In 1995 Mark Owens from Kalispell recorded a 12.4 Second Lap in a Super Late Model. In 2017 Alex Labbe, NASCAR Pinty's Series Racer (now running the Xfinity NASCAR Series) recorded a 12.742 Lap & in 2018 Kevin Lacroix (NASCAR Pinty's Series Racer) recorded a 12.709 Lap.

Am I allowed to bring in a camera or recording device?
You are allowed to bring in a camera or small recording device (such as your phone) to take photo or video from the stands. Unless you have Media Status and permission from EIR you cannot move about the facility to take photos (i.e. the Pits, Spotters' Stand). If you have Media Status, please reach out to EIR prior to your attending for approval.

Can I bring in a lawnchair or stadium seat?
You can bring in a smaller stadium seat as long as it doesn't interfere with your fellow spectators in the stands. Lawnchairs would not be permitted nor is there anywhere you could place them foir viewing. 

Can I bring in a Cooler?
We do not allow coolers in the spectator side of the raceway. Outside food and drink is not allowed. However if you are in the Pit area as part of a Race Team, you can certainly bring in a cooler and outside food and drinks.

Can I bring in water?
Water is allowed in a clear bottle only. EIR has the right to inspect any bottle that is not clear.

Are Strollers allowed?
Strollers are certainly allowed however there isn't room for strollers in the Grandstands. An EIR Staff Member will be happy to assist you by placing your stroller in a secure area until you need it.

How do I access the Pit Area?
You must be associated with a Race Team and buy a Pit Pass at the Back Gate (opens from 1 pm to 3 pm). After those hours you can buy a Pit Pass from the Front Gate however you will have to wait on the Spectator Side to cross and cross into the Pit Area when an EIR Staff allows you to do so. 

Is there special attire I should wear in the Pits?
If you purchase a Pit Pass and are in the Pits during the race program, you MUST wear a closed-toe shoe and long pants. If it is hot, we do allow shorts but they must be longer to the knee or just above the knee.

How do I find my seat?
On regular race nights all seating is General Admission unless you have purchased a VIP Seat in the Corporate Sea Cans. Any EIR Staff can assist you. During the NASCAR Canada NAPA 300 Event (July 26/27, 2024) you will have assigned tickets throughout the 3 grandstands and those ticket numbers will be on your ticket. During this event the top 5 rows of Grandstand A and B are reserved. Grandstand C is also reserved for Corporate and VIP Groups. An EIR Staff Member can help you find your seat and they are numbered.

How wide are the seats?
Generally the seats are 22 inches wide, however they are bench seats.

If I leave in the middle of the race can I get back in?
You can, you will have received a stamp on your hand when entering. However be prepared to be screened again to prevent fans from drinking alcoholic beverages in their vehicle and returning to the race. 

How do I receive updates during the event?
EIR has a strong Social Media Program, you can check our Website, Facebook Page, Instagram or call 780-352-8054 to speak to someone directly.

What if I have specific dietary needs?
Please reach out to speedway@syban.net before you plan on attending so that we can make special arrangments for you to bring in your own food specifically for your diet restrictions.

Are there water fountains around the venue?
There is not. We do sell water at the Beer Kiosk, Snack Room and Concession.

What is your ticket exchange or refund policy?
There is no refund on any tickets purchased. If you purchase a ticket for an event that is rained out while you are at the track, you will receive a rain check voucher to use for another event. If the event is rained out before you attend, you can use your ticket for another event. There are NO Refunds on the NASCAR Canada NAPA 300 Event, this event will be held on Sunday should it rain on Saturday Night.

Where can I park?
During regular events (only excluding July 27, 2024) parking is always free to EIR. Parking is close to the venue and Accessible Parking is available very close to the main entrance. You must have an Accesible Placard to park in those stalls. On Friday, July 26 (Day 1 of the NAPA 300) Parking is Free. On Saturday, July 27 Parking will be $20 onsite and payable as you enter (there will not be in and out priviledges). There is also a Free Park and Ride from the Wetaskiwin Agricultural Grounds (7 Kms East of the Raceway). That Shuttle will run from 12 noon to 1 hour after the race ends on Saturday Night). 

What are Emergency Contact Numbers at EIR?
You can call the Front Gate at 780-352-8054 or Loretta Thiering's Cell at 780-497-8262.

Where do I find a First Aid Station?
Please ask the Staff at our Front Gate and they will assist you. EIR has a full time Medical Crew on hand during race events. 

Where can I locate a lost item?
Ask the staff at the Front Gate, if you realize the next day that you may have lost something, call Loretta at 780-497-8262.





Time/MPH           Time/MPH           Time/MPH         Time/MPH

8.0 - 112.50        11.3 - 79.64        14.6 - 61.64        17.9 - 50.27
8.1 - 111.11        11.4 - 78.94        14.7 - 61.22        18.0 - 49.99
8.2 - 109.76        11.5 - 78.25        14.8 - 80.80        18 1 . 49.72
8.3 . 108.43        11.6 - 77.58        14.9 - 60.40        18.2 - 49.44
8.4 - 107.14        11.7 - 76.92        15.0 . 59.99        18.3 - 49.17
8.5 - 105.87        11.8 - 76.26        15.1 - 59.60        18.4 - 48 91
8.6 - 104.65        11.9 - 75.62        15.2 - 50.20        18.5 - 48.64
8.7 - 103.45        12.0 - 74.99        15.3 - 56.82        18.6 - 48.38
8.8 - 102.27        12.1 - 74.37        15.4 - 58.43        18.7 . 48.12
8.9 - 101.12        12.2 - 73.76        15.5 - 58.06        18.8 - 47.87
9.0 - 99.99          12.3 - 73.16        15.6 - 57.69        18.9 - 47.61
9.1 - 96.90          12.4 - 7257         15.7 - 57.32        19.0 - 47.36
9.2 - 97.82          12.5 - 71.99        15.8 - 56.96        19.1 - 47.11
9.3 - 96.77          12.6 - 71.42        15.9 - 56.60        19.2 - 46.87
9.4 - 95.74          12.7 - 70.86        16.0 - 56.24        19.3 - 46.63
9.5 - 94.73          12.8 - 70.31        16.1 - 55.89        19.4 - 46.39
9.6 - 93.75          12.9 - 67.76        16.2 - 55.55        19.5 - 46.15
9.7 - 92 78          13.0 - 69.22        16.3 - 55.21        19.6 - 45.91
9.8 - 91.83          13.1 - 68.70        16.4 - 54.87        19.7 - 45.68
9.9 - 90.91          13.2 - 68.18        16.5 - 54.54        19.8 - 45.45
10.0 - 89.99        13.3 - 67.66        16.6 - 54.21        19.9 - 45.22
10.1 - 89.11        13.4 - 67.16        16.7 - 53.89        20.0 - 44.99
10.2 - 88.23        13.5 - 66.66        16.8 - 53.56        20.1 - 44.77
10.3 - 87.37        13.6 . 66.17        16.9 - 53.25        20.2 - 44.55
10.4 - 86.53        13.7 - 65.69        17.0 - 52 93        20.3 - 44 33
10.5 - 85.71        13.8 - 65.21        17.1 . 52.63        20.4 - 44.11
10.6 - 84.90        13.9 - 64.74        17.2 - 52 32        20.5 - 43.90
10.7 . 84.10        14.0 - 64.28        17.3 - 52 02        20.6 - 43.68
10.8 - 83.33        14.1 - 63.82        17.4 - 51.72        20.7 - 43.47
10.9 - 82.56        14.2 - 63.37        17.5 . 51.42        20.8 - 43.26
11.0 - 81.81        14.3 - 62 93        17.6 - 51.13        20.9 - 43.06
11.1 - 81.07        14.4 - 6249         17.7 - 50.84        21.0 - 42.85
               11.2 - 80.35        14.5 - 62.06        17.8 - 50.56


Start of race
Caution No Passing
Stop Race



Mechanical Problem


Return to Pits/
Report to Officials




Faster Car Passing




Last Lap


Race Winner/Race Completed

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