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NOTE! When race day tickets are only $5 we do not offer a rain out policy!

In the event of rain, the program will be temporarily suspended. Every effort will be made to complete the program on the same day after the rain stops. If Edmonton Int'l Raceway officials decide inclement weather will prevent the return of safe racing conditions in a reasonable amount of time, the remaining races will be postponed or cancelled as follows:

1. If no qualifying or heat races have run, you will receive a rainout ticket. This will be provided to you as you leave the grounds from that event. This rainout ticket will be valid for upcoming regular event tickets as indicated on the rainout ticket.

2. If a portion of the qualifying events have been completed and then it rains, you will be provide with a 1/2 price rainout ticket. This will be given to you as you leave the grounds from that event.

3. If the main event is more than 50% complete, the show will be considered complete.




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Children under 5 are free with purchase of Basic Adult Ticket

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