We tried very hard to create a program that works to ensure the absolute safety of our test drive participants, their families and our volunteers when it comes to our test drive experience.
Covid-19 cases are increasing and we do not want to have any scenarios at the Raceway that might lead to us transmitting the virus. 

Having said that, we will not be scheduling any Test Drives this year however our Test Drive Experiences will commence again in May of 2021. 

Please contact Loretta at
speedway@syban.net anytime after
May 1, 2021 to book for 2021.
Typically we schedule the test drives on
Saturday Mornings at 9 AM and Sunday's at 12 noon. 

All current Certificates will be honoured for 2021 and we will also
add 2 additional Race Event Tickets valid for 2021.  

I will follow up with those of you that have already booked.

We cannot provide refunds on the Test Drive Certificates but they are definitely transferrable.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Important to note! We will NEVER let your Certificate expire, it will be valid until you are able to use it.

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