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Tom Arthur On: Nov 9, 2021 At: 8:08 PM
What a great experience. Such an awesome time! A check mark on the bucket list for sure. More laps would definitely be a bonus. Thanks so much!
Marty Rissi On: Nov 5, 2021 At: 4:36 PM
Enjoyed our experience on Oct. 2. this year, the walk-around the track was very informative and done very professionally. Would like to be back driving on a oval again😎
Winston Fabing On: Oct 31, 2021 At: 12:26 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed my last test drive and my previous one. Ron did an excellent job of explaining the routine and while leading my race car. Me and my son Wayne had a great time, thank you!!
Heather Hay On: Oct 30, 2021 At: 10:45 PM
We had an amazing time! The only thing I would suggest is an option for a longer time on the track. We would happily pay for extra laps!
Ben Pratt On: Oct 30, 2021 At: 3:11 AM
Some years ago I had received the test drive as a birthday gift from my mother. It will be one of the most memorable birthday gifts I have ever received. I do consider myself to be a "car guy" and would recommend that experience to anyone regardless of being into cars. It was safe, exhilarating and a ton of fun ! Thank you !
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