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Lee On: Sep 19, 2022 At: 7:39 PM
Awesome experience! Ron and everyone in the pits were very informative and helpful to make this a memorable experience! Most definitely recommend to all who might have the need for speed!
Richard On: Sep 19, 2022 At: 7:24 PM
What a fantastic way to spend the day. Great people and a great experience. Thank you dso much
Dale K. On: Sep 12, 2022 At: 9:10 AM
Sept.12, 2022
I received my test drive certificate from my wife just before Covid and was told not to worry that they honour them for ever. It was an amazing experience, from the walk around the track to learn where the line was that I should try and follow to get the guickest time we could to actually driving. All staff has friendly and professional and went to what ever length it took to see that I got the best and safest experience possible. Totally a blast and I have a whole new respect for the men and women who race for a living. Thanks again to the staff that made this a fun and safe afternoon.
Robyn Kerr On: Sep 5, 2022 At: 2:22 PM
This experience was absolutely fantastic! It was so much fun. Thanks to the amazing staff who made the day so memorable!
Pat Parsons On: Aug 22, 2022 At: 11:29 PM
I received this as a gift from my husband!
I’m a senior with mobility restriction and wasn’t sure I could get into the car through the window. The wonderful staff worked with me to accommodate my situation! I experienced a thrilling scream worthy ride! Thank you Ron and Loretta, Kevin and other helpful staff!
p.s. I also enjoyed learning about the track and the cars during the instructional walk around.
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